Noelanders Trophy 2017: The battle of the Bonsais.

Last weekend The Noelanders Trophy 2017 took place in Genk, Belgium. This is a 3-day event that is all about the Ancient Japanese tradition of growing and cultivating bonsais.

Photo by Bonsai Empire

The Japanese tradition dates back over a thousand years. The cultivation of Bonsais can be extremely difficult, and this competition awards those who have the best know-how to grow the most beautiful and unique-looking Bonsais.

Photo by Bonsai Empire

The event was hold in the Limburghal in Genk with a staggering 4000M² competition floor and a 4000M² vender and professionals area. Live demo’s were held in the Auditorium that can welcome up to 650 guests.


All the activities were organized by the Bonsai Association Belgium for the 18th year in a row, and features a magnificent bonsai exhibition with the support of all their international bonsai friends.


The mission of the association is to raise the class and knowledge of the bonsai in Belgium and beyond the borders of our country. Under the mastery of Marc Noelanders, the event offers a network of contacts and knowledge at an international level.

3D trophy factory had the exclusive honor to design and produce these beautiful and natured inspired trophies.

With over 100 Bonsai trees on display, selecting the winners was a tough job for the judges. Go to this website to see the winning trees of the Noelanders Trophy 2016.

Design Inspiration – Thousand and One Nights

At 3D Trophy Factory we find inspiration in all kinds of places and things. For this design exercise we turned our gaze towards the Middle East and created this beautifully luxurious Thousand-and-One-Nights style.deluxe_relief_full1

The designs have been kept clean and minimal but the materials used are high quality and give the awards an opulent and exclusive look.delux_texttotem

We translated our classic text totem into a golden text totem with arabic letters.

The lantern style domes that you see a lot in the arabic architecture were an inspirational element for several of the designs. deluxe_shape_composite

The materials for these designs should be luxurious and high grade: 3D printed metals, engraved crystal and marble. These will give the awards, business gifts and trophies an elegant and exclusive look and feel.cristal_metal_sheet

We absolutely love this new style and hope you are as enthusiastic as we are!

Do you think this style is perfect for an award or trophy you are thinking of?

Contact the 3D Trophy Factory design team and they will translate your idea into a unique award!

Seal the deal with a 3D deal toy or Tombstone


Deal toys and Tombstones are a great way to seal the deal. 

We know the excitement of closing a deals and setting up a partnership really way.

No matter if it concerns an investment, real estate or a partnership collaboration – it’s important to make the deal physical in some way.

This is where deal toys and financial tombstones come into picture. What struck us is the fact that so many of these look so ugl – well – uh – classic 🙂 

This triggered our design team to have a different look at them, something which they love to do.

As you know, the team at 3D trophy factory uses 3D printing (and other cool technologies) to make awesome 3D awards.

For us, it all starts with a good idea though – we want to create concepts with a fresh look that totally fit the occasion.

Below you find some concepts which came from our drawing board and are based on a rocket launch, for us a great symbol of starting up a deal.

The first ones are already 3D printed and shipped to New York and San Francisco. Obviously these concepts can be fully tweaked and customized, as with any of our products.

Anyway, we hope your partnership has the same traction as these rockets flying into space!

Team 3D trophy factory