Introducing: The Form 2 Printer Stand!


Office furniture is constantly evolving towards more customization and better design. As a company that works with 3D printing technology, we saw one major opportunity in the furniture industry that was not yet explored: the custom 3D printer table stand. 

the Proxsys Cup stands for fun and spectacle!

Proxsys Cup

Fun, excitement and spectacle. That’s what the Proxsys Cup is all about. This two-weeks lasting event organizes indoor soccer matches for people of all ages: seniors, ladies, youth under 17, youth under 13 and G-soccer are all welcome. The Proxsys Cup took place in Gorinchem, a small city in the Netherlands where many sports are practised […]

Q8 business gifts


To celebrate the opening of their new Antwerp plant, Q8 Oils wanted to offer their guests business gifts. The brief was simple, the design had to be based on the Q8 logo and the actual logo had to be freestanding from the rest of the design. After the approval of one of the design sketches, we created a […]

In which materials can you print 3D awards?


The designers at 3D Trophy Factory have many materials and production techniques to choose from when creating a design for a new award, trophy or business gift. One of the most used production techniques to bring our award designs to live is 3D printing. There are many materials to choose from when it comes to […]

Womed Award Zuid 2015


Nènè Hadh Cherif received the Womed Award Zuid 2015 last week for her extraordinary achievements with the farmers’ cooperative in her village. 3D Trophy Factory wants to congratulate her and wishes her a lot of success in the future. We hope she likes our design for the award!

A special achievement deserves a special award!


Our highly creative designers at 3D Trophy Factory get inspired by a great many things and as we are an Antwerp-based company they also find inspiration in the port of Antwerp and its maritime industry. Check out these cool 3D concepts our designers came up with for recognizing special achievements and business excellence in the […]

Essenscia Innovation Award


The Essenscia Innovation Award was handed out to AGFA Graphics. The prestigious ceremony took place in the Academic Palace in our capital city of Brussels. Honored by the company of Princess Astrid and the Minister for Economy and Employment Kris Peeters. The award is a full 3D print in polyamide. Viewed form the top you […]

Trophies and awards: the bold and the beautiful


We all know the classic trophies. The cups, big and shiny in gold, silver or bronze. The sports trophies, celebrating big victories. Of course there are more ceremonies on which you can receive a trophy. A singing contest for example. How about an award for most ugly dog of the year. Companies can give a […]