The Pokemon revival: it ain’t till it’s over.


Who ever said that the Pokemon revival hit it’s peak this summer with Pokemon Go has no idea what they’re talking about. The hype is still going strong, with a number of new and old disciplines where the famous characters gain an enthusiastic following of fans. It’s safe to say that the madness isn’t stopping […]

Why your employees need to be awarded too.


The trophy-making business can be very awarding (pun intended). We make things everybody loves to get. And we’ve made them for tons of different occasions; business events, gaming tournaments, marketing awards, golf tournaments and many more. We saw that our clients are keen to make sure their winners have an memorable experience. We’re asked to […]

Diversity Trophy VRT


For the fourth time in a row the Belgian public television VRT awarded their Diversity trophy VRT. This award recognizes people and programs that approach diversity and colleagues in a creative and conscious way. Have a look at the winners here. The original design idea for the award was a 2D design by graphic designer Gudrun […]

Womed Award Zuid 2015


Nènè Hadh Cherif received the Womed Award Zuid 2015 last week for her extraordinary achievements with the farmers’ cooperative in her village. 3D Trophy Factory wants to congratulate her and wishes her a lot of success in the future. We hope she likes our design for the award!

8 reasons why your event needs a 3D printed award


8 reasons why your event needs a 3D printed award Because… … you want to sent the winners home with something they will remember. … you want to stand out from the crowd. … you’re bored of giving that same old check or shiny plastic trophy. … a 3D printed award stands for new technological […]

Mia’s – Music Industry Awards 2014


For the 2014 famous Belgian Music Industry Awards we created the speaker in a multi colored 3D print. This print is attached to a base laquered in satin. This year the MIA’s payed a special tribute to deceased Luc De Vos, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award. A golden edition of the MIA’s was designed to […]

Wacom Inkathon awards 2016 – CES


We had  the opportunity to design the awards for Wacom’s yearly event, Inkathon! The finalists & winners received their awards at the CES in Las Vegas. The event stands for creativity and lots of colour. That’s why we chose the design of the award being a fully 3D printed Wacom pen causing an ink explosion using the vivid Wacom colours. If […]