How to create a customized 3D award


Are you tired of handing out the same type of awards every year? Are you looking for a customized 3D award or business gift but don’t know where to start?  Look no further! 3D Trophy Factory can help you out! 3D Trophy Factory can offer you 2 options for creating a customized 3D trophy: you can […]

In which materials can you print 3D awards?


The designers at 3D Trophy Factory have many materials and production techniques to choose from when creating a design for a new award, trophy or business gift. One of the most used production techniques to bring our award designs to live is 3D printing. There are many materials to choose from when it comes to […]

Is 3D printing expensive?


We often get the question whether 3D printing is expensive. And as is so often the case, the answer is more complicated than just simply a yes or no. Many variables and different scenarios apply. It depends on the materials that are used, the size of the object, number of copies you need and the […]

Womed Award Zuid 2015


Nènè Hadh Cherif received the Womed Award Zuid 2015 last week for her extraordinary achievements with the farmers’ cooperative in her village. 3D Trophy Factory wants to congratulate her and wishes her a lot of success in the future. We hope she likes our design for the award!

8 reasons why your event needs a 3D printed award


8 reasons why your event needs a 3D printed award Because… … you want to sent the winners home with something they will remember. … you want to stand out from the crowd. … you’re bored of giving that same old check or shiny plastic trophy. … a 3D printed award stands for new technological […]

A special achievement deserves a special award!


Our highly creative designers at 3D Trophy Factory get inspired by a great many things and as we are an Antwerp-based company they also find inspiration in the port of Antwerp and its maritime industry. Check out these cool 3D concepts our designers came up with for recognizing special achievements and business excellence in the […]

Essenscia Innovation Award


The Essenscia Innovation Award was handed out to AGFA Graphics. The prestigious ceremony took place in the Academic Palace in our capital city of Brussels. Honored by the company of Princess Astrid and the Minister for Economy and Employment Kris Peeters. The award is a full 3D print in polyamide. Viewed form the top you […]

Make a custom 3D printed trophy


Ever wanted to design and build your own trophies? Now you can with 3D Trophy Factory. Just visit our webshop and start customizing with our 3D award maker. You can choose between awards, medals, deal toys, financial tombstones, wood pieces, and many more to follow. Select a trophy design you like and start personalizing! Need help […]

Mia’s – Music Industry Awards 2014


For the 2014 famous Belgian Music Industry Awards we created the speaker in a multi colored 3D print. This print is attached to a base laquered in satin. This year the MIA’s payed a special tribute to deceased Luc De Vos, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award. A golden edition of the MIA’s was designed to […]

FAST 50 awards – Deloitte


The Deloitte Fast 50 awards chooses 50 Belgium-based fast growing technology companies. The winners of the Fast 50 are chosen on the percentage of their growth in turnover during the last five years. The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 awards Belgium is an annual election, in cooperation with Deloitte’s partners Fortino, ING, Euronext and De Standaard. […]