Wacom Inkathon awards 2016 – CES

We had  the opportunity to design the awards for Wacom’s yearly event, Inkathon! The finalists & winners received their awards at the CES in Las Vegas.



The event stands for creativity and lots of colour. That’s why we chose the design of the award being a fully 3D printed Wacom pen causing an ink explosion using the vivid Wacom colours.

If you look closely you can see the name of the event between the organic ink explosion lines.

Because every award has been spray-painted by hand, every award has it’s unique look!

The colourful assembly is placed on an oak foot with laser engravings, which has been treated with a special oil to create the exclusive look the Wacom Inkathon award deserves.

Congratulations to the finalists and winners!



Seal the deal with a 3D deal toy or Tombstone


Deal toys and Tombstones are a great way to seal the deal. 

We know the excitement of closing a deals and setting up a partnership really way.

No matter if it concerns an investment, real estate or a partnership collaboration – it’s important to make the deal physical in some way.

This is where deal toys and financial tombstones come into picture. What struck us is the fact that so many of these look so ugl – well – uh – classic 🙂 

This triggered our design team to have a different look at them, something which they love to do.

As you know, the team at 3D trophy factory uses 3D printing (and other cool technologies) to make awesome 3D awards.

For us, it all starts with a good idea though – we want to create concepts with a fresh look that totally fit the occasion.

Below you find some concepts which came from our drawing board and are based on a rocket launch, for us a great symbol of starting up a deal.

The first ones are already 3D printed and shipped to New York and San Francisco. Obviously these concepts can be fully tweaked and customized, as with any of our products.

Anyway, we hope your partnership has the same traction as these rockets flying into space!

Team 3D trophy factory



Trophies and awards: the bold and the beautiful

We all know the classic trophies. The cups, big and shiny in gold, silver or bronze. The sports trophies, celebrating big victories. Of course there are more ceremonies on which you can receive a trophy. A singing contest for example. How about an award for most ugly dog of the year.

Companies can give a trophy to their best employee or a deal gift to their best clients. Actually, there can be a trophy for every occasion.

At 3D trophy factory we wish to achieve stylish designs, with a huge WOW factor. In the next images you can see an overview of the most diverse trophies, awards and deal gifts. Whether they are bold or beautiful is up to you, they sure have some kind of WOW factor to me! Here are some of them:


trophy_wacom_inkathon_ces_award_-_3d_printed_-_wooden_box 278097 alien_hominid_trophyarticle-0-0765d7bb000005dc-295_468x301