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A video game trophy worth killing for

video game trophy

The H1Z1 Invitational 2017 gaming tournament has been a blast. For people unfamiliar with gaming, H1Z1 is a battle royale game, which in non-gamer terms means a survival game where only one player can survive. The event was held in an huge arena at this year’s Twitch Con in Long Beach, California. Just like the years before we collaborated with daybreak games to create an awesome video game trophy.

video game trophy


150 of the best and most popular H1Z1 players were invited to compete in the tournament, battling it out in a kill-or-be-killed spectacle, which the H1Z1 game is all about.

Who’s in for a Video Game Trophy + Half a million bucks?

video game trophyLet’s be honest: Even a non-gamer would kill for these ones 

Watch our trophies at 49:40

With a prize pool of $500 000 we had to write an article about it. Not to mention the great looking trophies we created in all modesty. Last years trophies were fully 3D printed and scary, remember?. This year we tried to top that by combining a robust 3D printed foot with thick transparent skull shaped plexi. Enjoy the gallery! For a reference: the winner trophy measures over 45 cm! 






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