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The future is now: First advertising awards ever handed out by Artificial Intelligence

advertising awards

The annual MIXX Advertising Awards recognizes digital marketing excellence in different campaigns. Advertising agencies can submit their case in one or more of the 8 different categories available, according to the campaign objectives. There will be four different expert juries rewarding the winners of the 8 categories.

3D printed award

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, MIXX Awards Belgium created the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Jury president. Her name is Pearl. And she singlehandedly picked the special award during this year’s Award gala. 

Artificial Intelligence that judges us 

Pearl uses algorithms that learn from past data to determine the true digital winner. The most fascinating fact of all was that the winner Pearl picked was also a Gold winner selected by the expert jury. Should we be scared of artificial jury robots to take over the world? Not really, as Pearl’s wonderful taste in advertising campaigns already promises a better future. 

Watch the winning entry by JWT Brussels through this link.

Advertising awards designed by…

Judging advertising campaigns was apparently an easy task for A.I.. But as Pearl’s design skills were still under construction, our designers at 3D Trophy factory gave a helping hand to design and produce the physical award. 

Cheers and congratulations to all winning entries!   


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