Voor de leeuwen is a Belgian talent award show where upcoming comedians get a chance to gain popularity as they have to put a smile on the face of some well-known Belgian TV personalities. 

The title Voor de leeuwen literally means thrown to the lions as young emerging talents have to impress Belgian showbizz veterans. The award for achieving this is ready for a guess… a 3D printed lion, right from our factory.

talent award

The show started with 40 comedy talents, selected from over 100 candidates. Being funny isn’t easy, so only 8 talents made it to the weekly shows.

talent award

8 talents – 1 golden lion award

Each week they have to prepare their comedy programme, being sketches, standup acts or musical performances. A silver lion award is handed over to the most outstanding act of the show.Talent awardLiving legend Urbanus performing a quality check

The show airs every thursday on the Belgian channel één and builds up towards a finale where the ultimate Belgian comedy talent will receive the Golden Lion. We wish the 8 talents a tremendous amount of success!



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