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A custom trophy design for a year to remember! It’s Antwerp Diamond Year.

custom trophy design

Recently, an edict from 1447 was found in the City of Antwerp’s archives, referring to the first traces of diamond trade in Antwerp. During the Diamond Year, AWDC are celebrating the unique bond between the City of Antwerp and Diamonds. For our part, unique events like these ones always crave for a custom trophy design.

An unforgettable birthday party

With activities still going on until the end of this year, the main party was kicked off recently in the heart of the diamond square mile. To pay tribute to the highly international nature of the diamond trade in Antwerp, 70 birthday cakes were lit. One for each nationality represented in Antwerp’s diamond trade. To make sure all attendees will remember this day, (as the cakes disappeared very fast) AWDC had another great gift in petto:

A custom trophy design: lasercut and engraved

custom trophy design

A memory that lasts

Our mission was to capture these 570 years in a memorable way with a custom trophy design precisely cut into its shape. The trophies found their way to the desks of AWDC members where they will refer to this spectacular occasion in all eternity.

custom trophy design





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