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Not your ordinary coffee table – 3D trophy factory explores custom made furniture. 


Our team recently made some exiting designs for the furniture industry. You’ve seen our 3D printer stand, made especially for the Formlabs 2 3D printer. Another one we’re proud of is the STAN – the fully personalized Standing Desk. These designs undoubtedly have the same style – plywood, lasercut, minimal with a touch of Scandinavian design.


Our latest item in our brand new online shop is the Coffee Table. Not your ordinary coffee table of course. We wouldn’t be 3D trophy factory if we wouldn’t ensure that the table could be customized. You can upload any logo or image to your liking, making it bigger or smaller, putting it horizontal and vertical.


We have our very own Coffee table that is custom made for our office as well. The perfect add on for our office lounge. This small tables has everything in store to cheer up even the dullest of office spaces. The dimensions are 35cm x 120cm x 65cm, so they perfectly fit each living or office room. The customized coffee table is now available in our online store. Keep an eye on our blog and website for more exiting projects that we will add in the (close) future!


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