Office furniture is constantly evolving towards more customization and better design. As a company that works with 3D printing technology, we saw one major opportunity in the furniture industry that was not yet explored: the custom 3D printer table stand. 

As proud owners of a Form 2 3D printer in our office, we wanted a table or stand that perfectly fits all requirements a designated 3D printer table should have. That’s why we created the Form 2 printer stand!


A unique design

So why is this table unique from other designs? First of all, for ergonomic purposes, the table is adjusted to a height that is perfect to work with. The printer is elevated to eye level for optimal use. Next to that there is plenty of extra storage available to have all of your tools nicely stored away.

The stand itself is compact and solidly build to ensure the 3D printer doesn’t move. As many will know, a moving 3D printer often equals failed prints. To ensure extra stability,  we also throw in some free STL files to print your own brackets.

Printstand Printstand


The stand itself is made out of plywood and is lascerut. The design is inspired by our standing desk STAN, featuring the typical “cross” for maintaining a high degree of stability. In true Trophy Factory style, the stand can also be customized through our website. One can add their name and upload a logo to the design.


The Form 2 Printer Stand is now available in our store. Happy 3D printing Everyone!

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