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Get Smart for Belgium – Our design for the Belfius Smart Awards


In 2016, Belfius launched “the Smart Belgium awards”, a call for local governments, companies, citizens, healthcare and eduction to work together for a more sustainable and “Smart” Belgium. A unique forum where smart ideas and solutions for social challenges could meet.


In this forum each initiative gets pushed forward, and together all these parties can strive for a Smart Society.

Smart Belgium is not reserved for the future alone, as was poven by the 6 winners of the Belfius Smart Awards, chosen from 185 strong stories.

These awards were handed out a few weeks ago, and 3d trophy factory had the unique opportunity to create the 3D printed Trophies.


The trophy itself is not typical at all. The foot in oak is topped with different 3D printed cubicles. The print was painted red and after which customized stickers were added. These were completely in line with the corporate style of the Belfius Smart Awards.


Our team loved designing the awards, and so did our client. We were even lucky enough to receive this great compliment after the event:

Everything went very well! We also received a lot of great reactions about the awards. Thank you for the collaboration!”

Izabel, Communication Manager Belfius

Interested in a customized trophy for your event? Contact our designers for and share your most outrageous idea for an award! We’d love to help.


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