Chrome is in the house!

We currently launched a new and awesome type of finishing, introducing: Chrome!

Rakketjes-3Before the launch of this new line, the white polyamide prints would be sprayed or dyed into different colors such as red, blue, yellow, orange and green. We wanted to offer our clients a more premium product and that’s why we came up with the idea of creating this awesome shiny finishing!  the colors are currently available in silver, gold, bronze and metallic black.

It’s also possible to 3D-print metal, but this is not yet optimized and is also very expensive. The chromefinishing offers the perfect alternative. What do you think of our chrome rackets and the chrome sculpture of our product designer, Gilles? We totally love this look!

gilles chrome
chrome sculpture

The Chrome Finishing is now available for our custom awards and very soon in our shop!

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