MIVB, the public transportation society of Brussels, organized a hackathon, called ‘Hack my ride’. The goal of this hackathon was to improve the use of public transportation in Brussels. In total, 41 developers participated to the hackaton.

The developers had to create apps that would have an added value to the public transportation in Brussels. This task consisted out of 4 challenges:  the integration of public transportation in the daily digital life, an easier use of public transportation for people with limited mobility, a chatbox for better travelinformation and apps that combine health and public transportation, by for example promoting a combination of walking and public transportation.

Hack my ride took place in a comfortable workingarea, complete with a smoothiebar, gamezone, pooltable… The developers could even get massages. The entire hackathon was equipped to make the developers feel as comfortable as possible.


The ultimate winner of Hack my ride was the 27-year old Eloi Strée with his team ‘Antartica LTD’. It was our honor to create an award for this hackathon!


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